Sunday, November 2, 2008

Hearty sandwich, Italian style

This is just putting together store-bought ingredients, but we all need something quick to prepare once in a while. I mean, coeliacs never get a meal off from cooking/preparing, do we? Not often, that's for sure. So, I like to simplify when I get the chance . . .

I use half of a FreeFrom ciabatta loaf (Tesco) and warm it in the microwave. If you're ambitious, brush the inside with olive oil and toast it briefly under the broiler. Layer on warmed pepperoni slices, then various antipasti (tonight I used slabs of marinated eggplant and peppers from Waitrose). Those who do dairy could add cheese and broil it open-face for an extra-special treat.

Couldn't be easier or quicker. You could also toss these same ingredients with pasta, for a warm winter dish or a cool summer salad. I sometimes add grilled marinated artichokes as well.

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