Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Amato's salad

The classic is, of course, the sandwich, straight from India Street in Portland, on their very own freshly made bread. Living a million miles away, and having coeliac, means that's not going to happen.

But I do miss them (Real Italian Sandwiches, as they're called), so I like to get all 6 ingredients (ham, provolone, tomatoes, peppers, kalamata olives, and dill pickles) and make either a salad of just that, a sandwich on a GF baguette, or a salad using pasta (today's was using Bob the Builder organic, gluten-free pasta, and I actually added some basil leaves). You toss those ingredients, add olive oil, salt, and pepper (and chopped onions if you prefer -- the Real Italian can be purchased either way) and there you go.

I can almost hear the seagulls on the Western Prom screaming for a bit of bread.

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