Saturday, May 23, 2009

It's not summer without iced coffee

I make it quick-but-yummy style with instant organic freeze-dried coffee (decaf). Take a tall glass, add a couple of teaspoons of instant coffee, add 2-3 tsp sugar (or substitute), then pour in a few tbsps of boiling water. Stir a minute or so, until the sugar and coffee are dissolved. Fill about 2/3 of the way up with icy cold water, add a couple of tbsps of cream (or soya cream substitute), stir to mix, then fill to the top with ice.

If you aren't a fan of instant coffee, just make yourself a shot of espresso and replace the instant-and-water bit with that, when it cools a bit. Yes, you do have to wait, but of course it's worth the wait.

And after a day in the garden, it's just the thing to relax with.

(I planted about 100 onions, then staked out and netted the strawberry patch. Birds, zero; me, one. This year they won't be able to eat all my berries. They can still have the wild ones that grow everywhere, but the big ones in the main patch are all mine. There are hundreds on the plants right now, just starting to grow. Can't wait.)

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