Thursday, January 29, 2009

Coq au vin

I love, love, love coq au vin. For some reason, I always think it's more bothersome and time-consuming than it really is, so I rarely make it. But it's so hearty, especially on a drizzly winter evening. Wide noodles are the traditional accompaniment, but many people (moi included) like boiled potatoes along side it.

Anyway, it's quick. Tonight, I walked to Tesco at about 6 for some organic chicken legs (also bay leaves and mushrooms), and it's only 7:15 as I type this and it's halfway cooked. In a few minutes I'll add the mushrooms, let it cook another 15 or so, remove the chicken, add the butter-flour blend, and reduce the red wine sauce.

And in half an hour I'll be eating.

No recipe to post -- it's on Delia Online.

Here are a few pics as I worked: first the chicken and bacon (after browning in butter in the skillet), a few herbs, the onions, then adding the red wine. And hopefully, in half an hour, I'll post a pic of the finished dish.

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