Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Blackberry Jam

A kilo of blackberries, a kilo of jam-sugar, the juice of half a lemon, a couple of tbsps of water, and that's it.

Simmer the berries in the water -- when they begin to break down, add the jam-sugar (or sugar and a packet of pectin, if that's the way yours comes).

From the time that the berries start to produce the pinkish foam, time 4 minutes and test (cold plate method). If not ready, test every minute or two, but don't go too long-- the jam can get too hard.

Fill jars and seal as usual. I'm still adding a couple of tbsps of melted paraffin to the top of the waxed paper disc, because I just can't call it good with just a little scrap of waxed paper. Picture (above) taken as jars are cooling, after paraffin is in place. I'll seal them with the cellophane discs when the jars are cold. Oh, and yes, I got a new brand of jam-pot-covers, and it explained things better than the first packet I got. You have to let the jam cool entirely before adding cellophane covers.)

I got 8 lovely 250 ml glasses of jam out of this (bought Tesco 'mixer' glasses, as I am out of jars).

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