Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Carrot Cake (well, cupcakes) with Cream Cheese Frosting

I followed the recipe (on Joy of Baking) exactly for this (chose pecans over the walnut-option), with the exception of course being Doves Farm flour blend in place of the ordinary flour. For those of you who have never had carrot cake, don't turn up your noses 'til you've tried it -- it's divine. The carrots are finely grated, and it also includes a touch of cinnamon. (Some recipes use raisins as well, but I didn't add any this time -- just wanted to try the recipe once as it was printed. Raisins next time.)

The results, of course, are as good as anything I bake with Doves Farm flour -- stupendous. Light, moist, and fluffy -- none of that grainy, heavy, gummy, gritty, dry texture normally associated with GF baked goods. (No, sadly, they don't pay me to say that. I know that some food bloggers get sponsors, and make lots of money from that aspect, but I don't have much of a following, so I doubt anyone would pay me to say 'Doves Farm flour is the best!' But it is).

Anyway, the cake came out fantastically well, but I was warned that the frosting comes out very runny and soft, and it does, as cream cheese is quite different on this side of the Atlantic (even though I can get Philadelphia brand). The secret here it to make it more of a buttercream / cream cheese frosting, so use equal parts butter and cream cheese, (I used 6 ounces of each) then beat in enough icing sugar to get the right consistency. (Yes, I did use the lemon zest and vanilla the recipe called for.)

Okay, the other soution to our more-watery cream cheese, without aking it a butter-cream fring, is to hang the cream-cheese in a cheese-cloth bag, over a bowl, overnight, in the fridge, to let the watery whey dripout.

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