Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Lemon-berry slush

Sizzling hot English summer day, and all this ex-pat can think of is a Sonic lemon-berry slush. Call me crazy.

This is Nirvana. Better than Sonic, I promise.

1) Dissolve 4 Tbsp (1/4 cup) sugar (or Splenda granulated substitute) in 1 to 2 Tbsp boiling water, in the bottom of a 3-cup tumbler. Let stand 5-10 minutes while you prepare the other ingredients.

2) Coarsely chop 3 oz. of strawberries, and a lemon which you've peeled (do this on a plate, so you don't lose any juice).

3) Add the fruit and juices to the sugar-water, along with 1/2 cup cold sparkling water.

4) Blend until mixed.

5) Crush up roughly a tray of ice cubes (I use a plastic bag an a mallet).

6) Add the ice to the tumbler, put on the lid, and give it a shake, or stir, or whatever you like.


lizzygrace24 said...

Yummy.....I love lemon-berry slushes!!!!!

Bloggin' Fool said...

Go have a lemon-berry for me, please?? I miss them so much.

And that little Thai place in Dodge City -- have some Angel Wings for me next time you go through. With the spicy cucumber dipping sauce?

lizzygrace24 said...

I can definately go and do that! MMMM....those Angel Wings are so good! I haven't had those in forever! I'm so glad that I will be in Dodge City all weekend!

Bloggin' Fool said...

All weekend??? What fun!! Yes, have some Thai food for me. I got to thinking about it, and made Pad Thai tonight for supper (or tea, as they call it here). Posted the recipe.

And now you can make your own lemon berry slushes, and they're WAY better than Sonic's (sorry, Sonic).

lizzygrace24 said...

Yeah ALL weekend in Dodge! I am playing in a 48hr tourny for softball! It's super fun! It's just 48 straight hours of softball! Well obviously you have breaks in between games, but very few! The more you win, the more you play! So hopefully we win alot!

I am definately going to try your lemon-berry slush recipe! I love things like that! I'm sure my boys will love helping me make it as well!

Bloggin' Fool said...

Oh, I remember now that you were the softball girl in school! Very good -- a 2-day tournament! Enjoy!!

And make slushies when you get home! You could do it in the blender, where you need to make more than one serving.