Monday, August 30, 2010

Gyros & Tsatziki

I love Greek food, and haven't had it in so long I can't remember. Since BC (Before Coeliac), really. But now I've found GF pita breads (spelled and pronounced 'pitta' here), and a recipe, and with GF ingredients (spices, etc), I've made some fantastic ones.! Loving having gyros again.

So here are the recipes -- Gyros and tsatziki . . .

For the gyros, I used half lamb, and half beef, and really like how that came out. I made patties (elongated) and put them all in the fridge, then cook them up as I want them.

I did the tsatziki exactly to the recipe, using the 10% Greek yoghurt, and did make it the night before as they suggest. I've been told, though, that you can make it the same day and it's just as good, so if you don't get to it sooner, no worries.

Enjoy . . .

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