Friday, August 13, 2010

Tomorrow it begins

I'm in a slump. And as Dr. Seuss noted in 'Oh! The Places You'll Go!', unslumping yourself isn't easily done.

I haven't even been cooking lately, really. I've put together lots of simple things to eat, but haven't made what I really crave -- good meals, and things from home that I miss.

I've got exactly 18 days left of summer break, and have decided to do some cooking, every day. I've made a list of 18 things I would really enjoy (and things that might even yield some leftovers for the freezer, for nights when I'm too tired to cook). I'll also have some friends in to help me eat things that don't freeze.

So, beginning tomorrow, for the next 18 days, I will make one thing every single day that requires effort, and focus, and will be enjoyed very much, before school starts up and I'm back to the fast, easy meals. Some are old recipes you've seen before, but many will be new. Watch this space, as they say. I've gone online and done my grocery order, which will be delivered tomorrow morning, and with the exception of a few items Sainsbury's doesn't have (which I'll make a quick trip into London for), I should have everything on hand and ready to go.

This makes me think of a sort of Julie & Julia challenge for myself, just on a much smaller scale. So as Julia would say, 'Bon Appetit!'

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