Sunday, May 18, 2008

German Potato Salad

I love this -- it's warm, filling, comforting, really fast and simple to make, and above all, it's made from potatoes (one of my favourite foods).

Per serving:

In a skillet, start 3 strips of bacon cooking. Meantime, put 6-8 ounces of potatoes into the microwave (or steam them, or use leftover cooked potatoes).

Flip the bacon and chop up a small onion.

When the bacon comes out of the skillet, put the chopped onion into the bacon drippings and cook, stirring occasionally. When tender, add the chunked-up potatoes, the crumbled bacon, a Tbsp each (15 ml) of vinegar* and sugar, freshly ground pepper, and salt. Stir gently, coating the potatoes with the onions and bacon (while the vinegar evaporates and the sugar dissolves), about 2-3 minutes), and serve hot, warm, or room temperature.

Variation: Use 1/4 head of white cabbage, coarsely shredded, in place of the potatoes. Don't cook it ahead -- just add it at the same time as the onions, and cook until done.

* I've used any kind of vinegar I have on hand, and though they'll all give a different flavour, they all 'work.' Usually, though, I use cider or rice vinegar. (Obviously, if you have coeliac, you're not going to use malt vinegar.)

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